About us 公司簡介

Portfolio Group Ltd was founded by architect-based directors in 1996 with the intention of introducing the modern-classic brand “Vola” to the Hong Kong market. In the 1990’s, minimalist design that are simple yet practical was not readily accepted in Hong Kong except for a handful of foreign companies such as Foster & Partners.  With Hong Kong’s increased exposure to international design in the 2000’s, minimalist design is generally appreciated. 

Right now, brands included in the company’s portfolio include  Vipp bins, all bear a long history of production and well-received because of their long-lasting design.  They go beyond fashion and are environmentally friendly.

Portfolio Group Ltd offers not only product sales, and with the professional background, we offer also design advice to cope with the products and after service advice.  Our products are long lasting, and same goes for the clients.

百富圖有限公司成立於1996年,主要董事為有建築設計的專業人士組成,目的是引入一些外國設計品牌到香港市場,如丹麥的”Vola” 等。早於90年代初,簡約設計並未為香港人普遍接受,但隨著香港回歸前後很多國際設計公司在香港逐漸曝光,這些簡約的設計亦開始普遍被讚賞。